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Coming from the South Bus Station you can take a City Bus to Zogu I Zi and than 
you take the “UNAZA” Bus infront of the Mall to 21 Dhjetori. 

If you are coming from the Airport you can take a Bus the Center of Tirana.
The last Bus leves at 19:00h. If you arrive later we can send you a Taxi (14€-18€).

From Skederbeg Square you walk up Rr. Kavajes for about 800m untill you see
the Turkysh Backery “Pasha 2000”. Take the small Road to the right and you see
the Bar “Angolo”. We are above that Bar, the entrance to the House is on the left
side. Homestel Albania is on the Top Floor.

Latitude 41.326471

Longitude 19.804257000000007

Adr.: Njesia Nr.5, Rruga Kavajes Nr.80 / 1000 Tirana / Albania

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