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Cape of Rodon Tour

Situated on the northern coast of Albania the Cape of Rodon is the perfect place to relax. The tour includes transport, chilling at the Beach, Ice Cream, Lunch, Guided tour the Castle. 

(about 20€)

Pub Crawl

Night walking tour where we visit a few bars and a clubto dance, have fun and get drunk.

Free Walking Tour

The free walking tour covers all main attractions of Tirana and will every day. Two times a day in Season.

Duration about 2 hours.

Traditional Dinner Night

We offer two kinds of Dinner Nights.

We take you out for a good traditional Albanian dinner.

(3 Cours plus Drink approx. 4€)

We prepare home cooked dinner nights a few times a week where we all geather to have a nice vegan/vegetarian meal. (about 3€) 

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